ROI (Return on Investment)

Marketing and advertising should be an investment not an expense. We work with clients to make sure the marketing plan actually is a profitable investment. Marketing done correctly will definitely make it easier to sell your business.

Here is an example:

A startup business hires a young aspiring graphic artist to create their business logo (because he knows art and can offer a cheaper price). They create the logo based on what the client “likes”. They then go to a local office store or print shop to have their business card printed. A sign company makes their sign, and then another company creates their website. At this point they feel they are ready for business. They expect a good response because they feel they have the tools in place: logo, business card, signs, and a website.

What is wrong with this? The logo is based on something that the business owner likes but does not communicate what the business stands for, and may not appeal to the correct audience. The office supply business cards turn out to be almost identical to cards from other businesses in the area, which makes it difficult to stand out. There is a sign, but people can’t see it (or don’t recognize it because it looks different than thier logo). The website does not look professional and is difficult to find.

You get the picture. This is not money saved, it is money wasted. In this scenario there will probably be no return on the investment. In fact, this will probably turn out to be an expense. In the worse case, a bad image has been created and it will cost even more to correct.

Working with a professional to handle all your marketing can equal big savings. This way your branding is consistent and communicates the correct message.





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