We work with clients to make sure their branding is consistent and is communicating their message correctly. Below are a few samples.
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F Mac Bond CPA, Inc.
- Accounting and Consulting. Mac's below testimonial tells it all.

As I began my CPA firm, I knew I needed to create the correct image for my practice, one that was professional but also showed me as not an ordinary CPA. I also realized that I knew very little about how to make the look and feel correct. I started off with a graphics person who was recommended to me by a friend. And it didn't take long to realize she was not performing up to my needs. And lo and behold,  I met Janice and hired JaBuie, Inc. to handle all my marketing.

As of today, they are a solid member of the F Mac Bond CPA firm. They may not be on my payroll but their role is an integral part of the reason for my success. Whether it be letterhead and brochures, marketing my seminars or creating my website, they have created the perfect expression of me and my firm for the public to see. I am getting comments from clients, vendors and friends about our website and how good it looks and how professional our letterhead and other marketing materials look. You have more than earned your fees by adding to the growth of my firm.

What I really appreciate is that you take the time to find out what I want and what looks good to me, and you gently guide me away from making bad decisions. I look forward to many more years working together.

Thank you for your professional, yet personal approach to our working relationship.

Mac Bond

F. Mac Bond CPA, Inc


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